I’m SO EXCITED to announce that I am now offering

PRIVATE CLASSICAL MAT PILATES in addition to Private Yoga Instruction.

Pilates (originally Contrology), was developed by German émigré, Joseph Pilates in the 1930s. Originally a body-mind movement system (that borrowed from yoga and was very much a product of the physical culture movement popular in Germany in the 1920s), Pilates has emerged as a form of modern physical conditioning that can be a great complement to a yoga practice.

I decided to study Pilates as part of a continuing effort to rehabilitate a disc herniation in my back (L5/S1). I believe the core engagements that expert, Classical Pilates teaches, achieve 2 purposes applicable to yoga:

  1. complement the proprioception that yoga practice fosters within
  2. guards against over-extension of the lumbar spine in so many yoga postures, particularly backbends (Upward-Facing Dog, Locust, Upward Bow, etc).

When Pilates core engagements are used in conjunction with the bandhas (the locking of energy centers in the body i.e. mula bandha/pelvic floor), the poses, and consequently one’s practice, become stronger from the inside out. Because there is lift and deep abdominal engagement, the risk of injury is reduced, particularly through the lumbar spine.

Additionally, when I work with clients who have either back or shoulder/wrist injuries, strengthening their core is often the focus of our work. With my Pilates training, I am now able to offer this complimentary modality to your sessions at your request.

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I received a scholarship to train at Power Pilates, the leading educator of Classical Pilates in the country, and I studied with Master Trainer, Karen Washburn-Ness. I am certified in both Beginner and Intermediate Classical Mat Pilates.

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