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Healer Profile Boshko Boskovic

Healer Profile Boshko Boskovic

I met Boshko through my mother in Brooklyn who has been attending his virtual Reiki and guided meditations. I joined them as well and found the distant healing format to be profoundly relaxing.

Boshko Boskovic is the founder of Let’s Heal NYC, a private practice specializing in Reiki & sound treatments. Based in Brooklyn, he is trained in the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and Sound Healing from the Globe Institute in Sausalito, California.

I was intrigued as to how healing can be transmitted over Zoom and wanted to ask him more questions. He suggested I do a private session with him and this experience was so renewing. Boshko has a calm, sensitive and non-judgmental energy which I feel is essential to doing healing work.

Boshko was kind enough to answer all my questions –I highly recommend this interview, chock full of resources, if you want to learn more about Reiki.

Healer Profile Boshko Boskovic

How would you explain what Reiki is to someone who has never heard the word?

Reiki is a healing practice originating from Japan that utilizes a method of placing palms in precise positions on and above specific body parts between the head and the feet.

Private Yoga Instructor Santa Monica Los Angeles Boshko Boskovic Reiki Sound HealerIt is an alternative holistic therapy that promotes restoration by tapping into the electromagnetic field of the body. By adjusting the body’s vibrational frequencies, Reiki treatments activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) and reduce the sympathetic nervous system (fight & flight). Reiki also helps the body release physical & emotional constraints improving health and wellness.

How does distant Reiki work exactly?

Distant Reiki uses specific Japanese Reiki symbols as a gateway to tap into the spiritual law of correspondence to direct energy to a distant space that we are not physically connected to. In other worlds a specific symbol becomes a primary tool to bridge space and distance. When doing any distant healing we enter the space of the quantum field/theory which modern physics explains as: “the concept of subdivision of radiant energy into finite quanta and applied to numerous processes involving transformation of energy on an atomic/molecular scale.”

In simple terms this means we are all connected – on a subatomic level through tiny particles which make up the fabric of the universe and are interconnected between all life in a unified  field that has its own intelligence. Distant healing utilizes specific symbols and focused concentration as a pathway on which the Reiki energy can travel. In the spiritual order of things this is nothing new because the mystics of old age have utilized these laws which govern distant healing for centuries.

Where are you from and what did you do before you became a Reiki practitioner? 

I am from Belgrade, Serbia, although growing up it was called Yugoslavia.  I came to the US for college in 1998 and have adopted this country as a home that I chose for myself.  However, I have kept a tie with the city and home that I grew up in and I visit each year since it is very important to me to keep the connection to my roots.

Before I became a Reiki practitioner I was a curator of contemporary art – my posts in New York included Associate Director of a commercial contemporary art gallery, Project Manager for an artist foundation and Program Director of a residency for visual artists. I have been curating exhibitions and writing essays on artists and art in the US and internationally for close to two decades.

In your practice, what are some conditions or ailments that you have seen Reiki assist with?

Quality of sleep, people sometimes come into the session highly stressed or they had a really bad day at work and after a Reiki session they feel much more calm, grounded and connected to themselves. The other day I had a client in a co-working space where I go once a month and he told me: “Before I went into the session, I was gonna lose it completely because I was really aggravated by family matters but the Reiki session completely calmed me down and I did not think it would.”

A lot of times people will have physical pain in their knee, or hip or the neck will be bothering them and after the session it will go away or ease. I am not saying that after a Reiki session the underlying issue will completely disappear but it will bring your body more into alignment and harmony with yourself.

How did you discover Reiki and how has it helped you in your own life?

I discovered Reiki through a high school teacher who was telling me how she does Reiki on herself and it helps her with her immune system and well being. She suggested I take Reiki level one which teaches you  how to practice Reiki on yourself and family members. I followed her advice and a few months later I found a course close to my house in Brooklyn.

Reiki has changed my life tremendously; it made me realize how to pay attention to unhealthy patterns in my life, both on an emotional and physical level and over time improve them. It is through Reiki that I started doing much more deep work on myself, meaning having to deal and confront certain issues that in my case came from nuclear family dynamics. In my particular case a lot was connected to inherited trauma from ancestry lines, particularly coming from my maternal grandmother and great-grandparents.

Tell me about the services you offer–in person and remote–and how people can get in touch with you.

I offer in person individual sessions out of my home studio in Prospect Lefferts Garden in Brooklyn and I also practice out of a wellness center Minka Brooklyn located at Grand Street Healing Project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I also do individual distance sessions via Zoom – for instance I have a regular client from Chicago that has been seeing me weekly for the last couple of months. During the pandemic I had a young man from Texas that found me on instagram and we had Zoom sessions for about 3 months. I have a regular client from Louisville, KY that had a stroke 2 years ago that I have been seeing monthly for over a year now.

People can reach me via email at letshealnyc@gmail.com call me or text me at 646 245 4245, DM me via Instagram, my handle is @letshealnyc or book directly via my site at the following link

Besides yourself, are there any other Reiki resources you recommend for a beginner?

Apart from web resources that I am sharing below I would say to any beginner to get familiar with the 5 Reiki principles. They combine a set of living guidelines designed to help every Reiki practitioner to reinforce the connection between the mind and body.  There are many variations to the principles but I really like this simple one:

Private Yoga Instructor Santa Monica Los Angeles Boshko Boskovic Reiki Sound Healer

Enclosed are some Reiki resources that give helpful information: International Association of Reiki Practitioners, International Center for Reiki Training, Minka Brooklyn as well as some free Reiki Resources

What qualities do you think are important for healers to possess?

To be empathetic, a good listener, able to give honest and succinct feedback to clients but most importantly continuously work on yourself since we are all a work in progress. For example, clinical licensed therapists usually have their own therapists or support groups and I feel it is important for healers to have their own support groups. For example I do Reiki on myself every day, to clear my own energy so I can hold space for others. I also have other daily rituals that I do on myself which include using sounds, different mantras and some physical exercise. I also have a support group that I meet or speak to weekly and have initiated Reiki circles for practitioners in the past where we exchange Reiki on each other.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your vocation as a healer?

Probably the capacity to hold space for people in a very gentle way through the practice of Reiki. Practicing Reiki is a very subtle modality and I really like that I need to get into a very meditative and focused space when I do a session. Our lives are very distracted, inundated with information through all sorts of different devices and being able to tune all that out when I do my work is very gratifying.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still practicing and offering Reiki?

Yes, I hope to be still practicing Reiki in 10 years. I would like eventually to start teaching as well, not sure if it will be Reiki, or sound healing that I do as well or information that is related to our own human energies. I would also like to be spending some more time during the year in my hometown of Belgrade, Serbia and share everything that I have learned in the United States.

Anything else you would like my readers to know about you?

Yes, I would like to share that I am part of a Brooklyn based Sound Healing Collective called (( R.I.S.E )) which stands for Reiki Infused Sound Experiences. On June 10 this year we released our album WAVES OF POSSIBILITY produced by Muse Music which blends ambient sound, chanting, spoken word and multilayered instrumentation.

Our album is about creative courage, the archetypal and spiritual human experience, energetic connectedness, and the cosmic mystery within all of us. You can listen to our album through the following Spotify and Apple Music links and read a review about our work in Mundane Magazine or Musical America 

Private Yoga Instructor Santa Monica Los Angeles Boshko Boskovic Reiki Sound HealerCONTACT

Boshko Boskovic

Website: https://letshealnyc.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/letshealnyc/

Email: letshealnyc@gmail.com

Phone: 646 245 4245

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Entrepreneur, yogini, designer, award-winning filmmaker, personal trainer and former marathon runner. She left a career in finance to start her own business and along the way, became a yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for 31 years and teaching privately for 11 years.

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Entrepreneur, yogini, designer, award-winning filmmaker, personal trainer and former marathon runner. She left a career in finance to start her own business and along the way, became a yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for 31 years and teaching privately for 11 years.

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