Private Yoga Instructor Los Angeles Santa Monica Catherine Tingey Open For New Clients Private Yoga Instructor Los Angeles Santa Monica Catherine Tingey Open For New Clients

Private Yoga Instructor Los Angeles Santa Monica Catherine Tingey Open For New Clients

Private Yoga Instructor Los Angeles Santa Monica Catherine Tingey Open For New Clients

“For many years, my husband and I talked about taking yoga but felt intimidated. We started working with Catherine last Spring twice a week until we moved back to the East Coast in late December. She changed our perspective by challenging us very gently. We saw progress by the third week of class. She became aware that each of us have different abilities and limitations. Catherine tailored each session to our needs. For almost twenty years, I’ve suffered from sciatica and other orthopedic issues. To my total amazement, I began to feel better as my  flexibility began to improve. Catherine is extremely generous with her time. We had one hour sessions but she always stayed longer. She is very clear in her explanations and demonstrations and follows up after each session with a recap and pictures. Thanks to Catherine, we’re able to attend class at an intermediate-advanced level.”

-J. Cabrera, Consultant

“Catherine is a wonderful teacher and a kind, calming soul. I was in LA for a few days on vacation and took a private yoga class with her on the beach. I’m transitioning to a new job so I wanted a session to clear my head, calm my mind, and prepare me for the next phase of life. She took me through a great practice and a wonderful meditation at the end. I’d highly recommend her.”

-E. Safran, E-Commerce Strategy Lead

I must admit, Catherine is a teacher like no other. Her instruction allows one to lose themselves in the movement, freeing the mind to seek itself. I am truly honored to have encountered such a quality instructor.”

-M. Luquin, Accountant

“Catherine offers a great combination of both relaxation and mentally centering yoga with focused breathing exercises and physically challenging movements. I do many physical activities (surfing, martial arts) and her class has brought me increased flexibility, sustained injury prevention, as well as a respite to a stressful work day.”

-E. Bales, Banker

There are many yoga instructors to choose from but Catherine’s approach is what separates good yoga instructors from great yoga instructors. I have several issues from shoulder & neck to low back & hamstring / groin isssues and it helps to have a yogi that knows my limits yet can help me get the most out of my sessions with her . I look foward to our yoga sessions , she definitely keeps me rollin ! Thanks for your patience & help Catherine!!!!”

-R. Wooley, Consultant

“Just wanted to let everyone know what an outstanding teacher Catherine is!!!! She’s extremely gifted and radiates vitality and patience for those of us not up to her level. I enjoyed the experience immensely & left feeling more flexible & with a spring in my step.
Thanks Catherine!”

-K. Aronsohn, Attorney

“I am very grateful to know Catherine personally and as a student. Catherine has the innate ability to translate her knowledge to benefit each individual in her class. With her perceptiveness, creativity and intelligence, Catherine clearly communicates and tailors her instruction to guide each student. Catherine’s genuine desire to improve the health and healing of her clients is heard through her soft spoken words, felt through her gentle touch, made visible through her sincere smile and shines through her soulful spirit”. 

-E. Epstein, Attorney

“I have known Catherine Tingey for a year. We met at a Vinyasa flow class she was teaching.  I have been attending her classes ever since. I’m impressed with not only her in-depth knowledge of the various asana also how each asana stimulates and stretches various parts of the body. Her vinyasa flow gives full physical workout in conjunction with mental stimulation.”

–A. Bhargava, Engineer

“Catherine is an incredible teacher and has reminded of the things that I love about yoga! Her practice is the perfect balance between relaxing and challenging. It’s always a great work out! I found that it has positively influenced other areas of my life too – better focus, creativity,  the ability to take things as they come and be more patient with others and myself. Whenever I come out of a class with her, I feel any or all of  these 3 things:10 years younger / ready to cure cancer and change the world / happy.”

-I. Latz, Policy Analyst

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